Moviegoers are raving over Marvel’s Black Panther flick, which is playing in theaters nationwide right now. R&B crooner Maxwell has a crush on one of the major stars in the film. And no, it’s not Chadwick Boseman.

Maxwell has told Page Six that he loves Danai Gurira’s performance in the movie. The actress plays the skillful general Okoye from the fictional nation of Wakanda. She's basically Black Panther's second in command.

"The woman I would want to wine and dine from the film is Danai Gurira, but she might be taken,” he told Page Six. “I used to watch her on The Walking Dead, so I do have a bit of an obsession with her -- and we share the same barber, by the way, so it could actually work out.”

We did a casual Google search on Gurira and it looks like she is, in fact, single. So Maxwell, we think it’s safe to shoot your shot.

“Danai is so badass," Maxwell added. “I am just happy that there is a movie celebrating our culture.”

When asked about women sporting the bald look, Maxwell replied, “I don’t care. I just love women.”

We don’t know if Danai Gurira is a Maxwell fan, but we think they make a cute couple.

In any case, Black Panther is currently breaking records at the box office - worldwide. To cop tickets, head over to

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