Every day when I take to the airwaves on MyKiss1031, I host a LIVE Facebook show called the "Mandatory Meeting" where I share with you the rundown on the day's events and headlines. But instead of watching me on your cell phone screen or listening to me on the radio, let's talk FACE TO FACE!

This Friday, let's get together again and have Lunch and Conversation at Sweet Home Alabama Soul Food in Killeen for another LIVE Mandatory Meeting! Sweet Home Alabama Soul Food is located at 4400 Watercrest Rd. Suite 101 in Windfield Plaza. They are serving up delicious catfish, smothered pork chops and so much more, its going be a tasty good time!

We'll get together to enjoy some delicious soul food and talk about what's going on in the city, in politics and entertainment or whatever is on your mind! I'll be giving away tickets to check out a movie at Cinergy Entertainment in Copperas Cove and so much more!

Tell your co-workers that yall going out to lunch on Friday and tell your boss that yall taking a EXTENDED lunch break at Sweet Home Alabama Soul Food with Melz. The fun begins at Noon until 2:00 PM so come kick it us!

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