I've always said that cats are evil because they're vessels for souls to escape from hell. That being said, they seem to have more sense than humans.

When I was a child we would spend weekends at my Grandparents farm. Like all good farms, they kept a plethora of feral cats around to handle the mice and rats. We would watch them a lot, and, on occasion, would find their birthing sight.

One time I saw a mother cat kill one of its babies. My father explained that the mother could sense something wrong with the kitten and decided to kill it so it wouldn't suffer. Also, she didn't want to take food from the kittens that were born without any deficiencies.

I asked if humans did this. My dad said no, because we didn't have that sense available. After a few more years of dealing with cats and kittens, I came up with idea about them escaping hell, and I just figured my dad was trying to be nice to me after I witnessed a psycho cat killing kittens.

If dad was telling the truth, I think we need to find that sense. It seems that the world has been birthing some seriously demented humans for awhile now.

ABC 13 out of Houston is reporting that a Ring video doorbell has capture one such individual that should've been put down years ago.

Roberto Daniel Arroyo was caught licking a strangers door bell. Not just one time, but continuously for 3 hours.

Yes, I know it's California, but still. Why? How come? What for? Are you going to need a towel, or a change of pants?

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