The card crackers are back!

The Waco Police Department is warning residents of the latest card skimmer scam. According to KWTX-TV, fuel pumps at 825 W. Waco Drive in Waco were tampered with.

The skimmers were found by a technician who was operating on the gas pumps. The gas station owner has since made it known that they had no idea they were tampered with. The skimmers could have been in place for months since the last inspection.

Waco Police suggest that all customers who believe they could be victims of the scam to check their checking accounts and bank statements.

To avoid being a victim, customers should pay inside and avoid paying at the pump when possible.

 Waco police suggest that people who believe they were victims contact their banks and check their accounts. If something looks off or you see charges you know for a fact you didn't make, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and maybe get that money back. Most banks and credit companies will work for you if it's obvious you were a victim.
The folks at have some tips on spotting card skimmers at gas pumps, including taking a careful look at the pump and the card reader before fueling to see if it seems like there's been any tampering. There are even apps you can use to check for skimmers, but you shouldn't trust them 100% since scammers are always ahead of the game.
Be safe and smart out there. Even in these times, thieves are out making a dishonest living.
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