LL Cool J wants some respect put on his name—or at least, the name of one of his songs.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the veteran rapper has filed a new trademark lawsuit against the organizers behind the now-defunct Rock the Bells festival.

Per the suit filing, LL claims the festival founder Chang Weisberg and promoter Guerrilla Union, Inc. attempted to trademark “Rock the Bells” in 2004. According to the rapper, whose 1985 single shared the same name, the festival organizers did not ask his permission and therefore were in violation of the rights to the phrase.

As a result, LL reportedly petitioned the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel all of the Guerrilla Union’s trademarks. According to reports, the request was granted in 2017. However, the situation wasn’t resolved then as it should have been, resulting in the new lawsuit.

According to LL, after the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled in his favor, the festival organizers continued making efforts to trademark the phrase for various reasons. He is now asking a judge to grant an injunction that will prevent the festival organizers from using the name, as well as is suing for unspecified damages. He has a radio station on Sirius XM that utilizes the same branding.

Recently it was reported that the Hall of Fame nominee is reportedly looking to purchase a sports TV station alongside Ice Cube.

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