Kim Burrell's list of consequences following her controversial homophobic rant is extending into all aspects of her career. After calling homosexual actions a "sin" in her sermon that was aired on Facebook Live last week, as well as labeling them as "perverted," the gospel singer is now taking a few major losses. After she was uninvited from The Ellen DeGeneres Show for her comments, where she was supposed to perform a duet alongside Pharrell Williams, Kim has reportedly lost her radio show too.

According to Texas Southern University’s KTSU-FM station, they released a statement stating that Burrell's radio show with them has officially been taken off the air. They stated, “The Kim Burrell show is no longer airing as part of KTSU Radio programming.” Since her rant went viral on social media and the Internet, Burrell has stood by her comments, and blamed her portrayal on how the video was edited. In another Facebook Live post, she explained, “Every person from the LGBT and any other kind of thing that is supporting gay, I never said LGBT last night, I said S-I-N. And whatever falls under sin was preached. What was posted isn’t how I preached too, but only that. Isn’t that something. That is the design of the enemy to make it look like I have a personal agenda against people.”

We're not sure what else may be in store for Burrell after these comments, but things aren't looking good at the moment. What are your thoughts on her sermon?

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