Have you ever heard a song that made you so emotional because with every word and melody of that particular song, you felt deep in your heart it was about you? Killeen native Jershika Maple has done it again. Not only was I just memorized by Jershika's performance Monday night, but the judges were as well.

This talented ball of fire performed King and Country's 'God Only Knows', and left the judges absolutely teary-eyed and emotional.

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If I’m going to be completely honest about the performance, it was emotional for me as well. She definitely had me with tears in my eyes.

Jershika has delivered not only vocals, but style throughout this season. This week, she was in a gorgeous ankle-length silhouette fitting forest green dress with tassel sleeves that would make you say, "Eat your heart out".

She had not only Kelly Clarkson, but also her coach John Legend literally standing up with tears in their eyes. Now, if you can make Kelly Clarkson cry, then honey you are truly performing.

I say it every week, and I stand by what I say: Jershika Maple is going to bring this win back to Central Texas.

If you have not seen Maple on the hit show 'The Voice', shame on you. We need to support our fellow Central Texas native and vote for her.


I just can’t explain how well she delivered that particular song. You would need to see the clip to know what I mean Ittruly touches your heart. Don’t forget to vote here, and Jershika, don’t forget Central Texas is behind you 100%!

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