Central Texas, Covid is not only the most inconvenient and deadly virus we have ever encountered, it’s so annoying if I am going to be completely honest. The Killeen’s independent school district is asking the help of parents due to all of the Covid cases that are rising, to volunteer to be substitute teachers for the district. The rapid Covid cases that are happening in Central Texas Texas are keeping children home and also teachers.

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K.I.S.D. needs the help of parents.

From my understanding a lot of children weren’t  allowed to start the school year right after the Christmas break because they had Covid. Killeen as a city needs to come together like the community I know that we are and help out in the Killeen  District, now my personal opinion, just from my child going to attending a KISD school ,I would prefer that the district is closed and they go back to virtual learning, it was a lot safer and it put a lot of parents at ease knowing that their child didn’t have to go to school with a mask or just the idea of Covid being everywhere.




Will K.I.S.D close and go back to virtual learning ?

Parents that volunteer to be substitute teachers for the KISD district will do a background check and will also need to have references, keep in mind that K.I.S.D is a very large district, so the idea of closing down the school is probably something they are trying to avoid as much as possible, either way it goes, if you’re able to lend a helping hand please, contact KISD And let’s help our teachers and staff out.

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