Even though it’s the season for caring and giving love and memories, it’s also the season for cedar. If you’re anything like me when it comes to allergies, you are miserable when cedar comes around. More than likely  you have a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and  we can't  forget about the  constant sneezing which is just annoying let’s be honest.

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Flying pollen in front of a nose - allergy or hay fever.
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I’m here to warn you and also remind you, that Cedar season is definitely here and help you can avoid the  sinus infections and respiratory infections . Your allergies can be irritated to the point where breathing can even be an issue which is for me, extremely scary and gives me tons of anxiety. I have special technique that I learned is honey, that’s right regular honey from bees, but you’re not just any honey, you have to make sure that you get a honey that’s local.

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You  can find local honey at H-E-B or any bee farm to avoid your sinuses flaring terribly. Trust me, take 2 tablespoons of your local honey and the itching of the throat and a stuffy nose will go away, another technique that I learned is hot showers.

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The steam opens you right  up, it’s important that we keep an eye on Cedar season only because some of the symptoms can make you think that you have Covid. You sometimes can’t smell and you lose your taste .So if you happen to start to have those allergy symptoms, make sure you do some of these helpful ideas to avoid Cedar season thank me later Central Texas these are guaranteed to work!

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