I can’t stress enough how much I love my city, we can always turn something negative immediately into a positive. Earlier this week I wrote an article about a young man who was wounded at a Halloween party due to the fact that he was shot and how the host of the party was a near and dear friend to me and I was truly ecstatic to know that he and his friends were okay. Instead of Devon Wilson a.k.a. Juice allowing this city situation not only to put him in a mood of wanting to go back to being a person that is antisocial and dwelling on the fact of the dramatic events of that night, but he has also still decided to do a cash prize for the best Halloween costume, like honestly how can you not like this guy.

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Juice's aspect of it was pretty much, hey  I wanted to make sure that everybody had a good time but either way even though people tried to destroy and ruin our good time and put us in harm's way,  Juice still felt that he owes it to his guest that he still allows everyone who participated in the Halloween party to still get a chance to when $50 for the best costume that night.

Courtesy of Sinamatic
Courtesy of Sinamatic





I can only say this so many times but Juice Wilson is a standup guy. In one of my closest friend's darkest hours, he has found a way to still shed light on the city of Killeen. There is a saying my mother used to always say to me, and now as I’m older I totally can understand the gist of what she meant. "Tough times go away tough people don't". Juice Wilson is the perfect example of that.



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