One of the big stories in Killeen recently involves Anthony Kendrick, the owner of youth sports organization "K-Town Raptors" who is accusing his former mentor and friend Bell County Precinct 4, Place 1 Justice Of The Peace Daryl Peters of "theft by deception".

Kendrick filed a petition in small claims court on August 29th where he alleges that Peters took $2,300 in cash that was given to him to pay referees who officiated a jamboree last year but according to Kendrick, when those referees told him that they weren't paid, he confronted Peters about the money and Peters claimed he donated the money to charities in the area. Kendrick followed up with those charities and they told him that they never received any money from Peters.

JP Peters has yet to respond publicly to the allegations and when we attempted to contact his office for an interview on September 18th, his office told us that he would be unavailable for any comment until next week. Peters, who Bell County commissioners appointed to take over the JP position after his neighbor Claudia Brown was removed from office earlier this year, has only been in the position since March and is now under pressure to resign.

Mr. Kendrick has received an outpouring of support from residents for speaking out about the allegations and he's also received criticism from others on how he's handling things. I wanted to give BOTH sides an opportunity to share their side of the story so I had Mr. Kendrick in the MyKiss1031 studio to tell us all about why he chose to speak out against former friend, the events that lead up to his discovery of the missing money and I give him an opportunity to respond to his critics in a emotional interview.

Once again let me be clear, these are ALLEGATIONS and I plan on following up with Mr. Peters office next week to get a comment or response to Mr. Kendrick's allegations.

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