It's a Ri-union of sorts!

Katy Perry and Rihanna are widely known as pop music besties, but they haven't been seen together in public for quite some time, which of course sparked rumors of a rift between the gals. They did, however, reunite in NYC on Friday (April 25) to celebrate a mutual friend's birthday.

Katy and RiRi were said to have fallen out over Ri's renewed relationship with Chris Brown back in 2013. Perry did not approve of her pal getting back together with the man who famously beat her, but it was clear that Rihanna was going to do what Rihanna wanted to do when it came to Breezy. Even though there was said to be some friction over that re-coupling, which has since ended, neither singer copped to it directly.

That said, Katy and Rihanna were getting cozy and having good times in NYC on a Friday night. A Friday night in Manhattan? That's always a recipe for fun right there.

The gals met up at 1 OAK.

Perry, who had been rocking slime green tips, was wearing her strands a bit longer and all black during the night out. While they are not seated next to each other nor are they immersed in a deep conversation, there is a party vibe surrounding the singers.

Plus, it's hard to talk and BS in a loud club when there is a par-tay going on.

Still, it's the first time we've seen the ladies having a bro fest in quite some time and we like it.

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