Justin Bieber is diving headfirst back into the music after his racist video scandal last week.

He and Cody Simpson hit the studio together a couple of nights ago, working on what will undoubtedly be a highly-anticipated track. While in the studio, the two also apparently traded some relationship advice. Simpson tweeted about the stripped down session, writing:

It sure looks like the Biebs is "able to relate when it comes to love and women," seeing as how Simpson is seemingly back with his ex, Gigi Hadid -- a notion that Bieber is definitely familiar with.

The Biebs has been on-and-off with Selena Gomez for years, but the two seemed to cool things down post-Coachella. But if his recent Instagram photo is any sign, it looks like the couple may be on yet again.

Bieber is no stranger to posting telling pictures of Gomez on the photo-sharing app, but his latest (posted last night) may be one of the most personal. Filtered in black and white, the shot shows Gomez staring straight at the camera as she cradles Bieber's head in her hands, his "Patience" tattoo clearly visible on his neck. Though Bieber soon deleted the intimate photo -- reportedly captioned "Our love is Unconditional" -- the image was screen capped before it was taken down. Check out the photo here.

While the status of Jelena's relationship still may be a little hazy, one thing is for sure: we can't wait to hear the results of Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson's studio time together.

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