On last night's (April 28) episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' Jennifer Lopez, our favorite multi-hyphenate, since she is a singer-dancer-actress-fashion-designer-'American Idol'-judge and more, broke down the head-scratching lyrics of her new single 'I Luh Ya Papi' with the host.

Looking stunning (as usual) in a clingy white dress paired with stick straight, center-parted hair, J. Lo delivered the lyrics and Kimmel interpreted them. The words to the song are definitely street slang, so if you are not familiar with that parlance, having J. Lo offer somewhat of a guided tour with Kimmel riding sidecar certainly put it in perspective. We totally get it now.

He figured out which lines pertained to an erection -- "It's a nicer way to say it," J. Lo reasoned -- and that the opening line is about messing around in a car! What powers of deduction, Jimmy!

He also realized that one lyric was about a monogamous relationship and Lopez was stoked that he figured it out.

So yes, Jennifer Lopez fans, this song does have meaning and the lyrics are not a bunch of nonsensical sayings strung together.

It was funny watching J. Lo "freestyle" her song and being stoked when Kimmel picked up what she was throwing down. She schooled him, but he was pretty adept at reading into her words and coming up with a rather close interpretation of them.

You will walk away with a whole new appreciation for 'I Luh Ya Papi.'

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