A Killeen resident at an apartment complex has to make a few calls to their insurance agent because their Jeep went up in flames on Sunday afternoon.

It happened Sunday evening just after 7:00 PM at Summerlyn Apartments on Rancier Avenue. Residents called 911 to report a Jeep that was in flames and caused a small evacuation of the apartment building next to where the Jeep was parked.

Facebook user Carisa Green sent us this exclusive video of the fire as the Killeen Fire Department pulled up just in time to douse the flames before they could do more damage.

Since the KFD has a station less than a mile away from the complex, they were able to get there quickly and extinguish the flames. All the residents who were evacuated over to nearby Longbranch Park were allowed back into their apartments a short time later.

No one was injured but the Jeep is a goner. Dang.


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