Jay-Z's Blueprint album series is finally available to stream outside of Tidal.

Last night (May 22), fans who had not made the switch to Tidal rejoiced when they discovered The Blueprint 1, 2 and 3 are all available for streaming on Apple Music. Since relaunching Tidal in 2015, Hov kept his extensive solo catalog in-house and prevented any other competing streaming service like Apple Music, Spotify and others from playing his music-- until now.

"Jay Z put blueprint 1 and 3 on Apple Music today is definitely gonna be a good day," one Twitter user said.

The Brooklyn native has managed to keep his discography away from the competition ever since Hov removed Reasonable Doubt from Spotify in 2015. Two years later, the Roc Nation CEO removed his catalog from all streaming services except Tidal in 2017. Even though Sprint bought 33 percent stake in Tidal that same year, it seems as though Hov's Blueprint album series is no longer exclusive to his ground-breaking music streaming service.

Now that a majority of Hov's catalog is available on Apple Music, the only Jay-Z album that remains exclusive to Tidal is Reasonable Doubt. Unfortunately, Spotify does not have any of Hov's albums. As of this report, Hov nor his Roc Nation team has commented on the Blueprint albums on Apple Music.

Check out fan reactions to the news about Jay-Z's Blueprint album series below.

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