When most of us goes out to party or hang out at a club, we normally see the same people who hang out there week after week which makes going out a "bore" in most cases. But when one of the biggest stars on the planet shows up to hang out where you are, best believe you'll have a story you can tell your grand kids about.

Janet Jackson was in Austin set to perform for another leg of her "State Of The World Tour" and according to KVUE in Austin, she surprised patrons of Empire Control Room and Garage on Tuesday night who were throwing a tribute party there by making an appearance there and buying pizza for everyone there.

The 52-year-old singer strolled into the party of 75 people at the bar on East 7th and Red River Street, much to the surprise of everyone. And if it wasn't a treat enough to have Janet Jackson show up to the party, she did her fans one better.  Janet Jackson bought enough pizzas from Hoboken Pie, a local pizzeria on Red River Street, to feed everyone at the party. - KVUE 

LUCKY! Talk about an unforgettable night!

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