Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks' beef is back on the broiler, with the two trading shots on social media after the City Girls rapper previewed a song where she disses Ak.

Yung Miami Disses Ak, He Responds

Over the weekend, Yung Miami rehashed her beef with DJ Akademiks by previewing a song that features bars going at the social media personality. In the video clip, which can be seen below, the South Florida rapper is at a club while the song plays through the speakers.

"Akademiks, you a b***h, why you speaking on women?" she spits.

DJ Akademiks responded to Yung Miami's diss on Tuesday night (Jan. 16), while she was in the middle of another social media spat with media personality Armon Wiggins.

"Dam … Shordy dissed me 3 months too late with a wack bar," he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. "The blogs and ppl who use to jack her was roasting her. She don’t want no smoke wit me. Her rap career is done. We just wanna hear bout her getting peed on by Diddy. Has she been in dem freak offs or na??? .@YungMiami305 I tried to give u rap advice u claimed I was hating. Babe I was right."

"N***a only way on earth she got more bread than BIG AK is if she got it by selling that 30 year old P*SSY to PUFF DADDY," he added in a follow-up post. "A whole billionaire. @YungMiami305."

"Get in the field or STFU P***Y N***A!!!!" Yung Miami responded.

Ak retorted, "Hello Caresha . We been waiting for u. Watever u can say bout me I done explained already. When ur n***a that piss in ya face finna respond tho? U been diddy side b***h til now … u ain’t claiming no more. Where ya sign at?"

Yung Miami then shared an old infamous tweet where Ak commented on Bhad Bhabie's breasts when the rapper was only 15 years old.

"Stop talking to me about diddy b***h talk to him big back b***h," Miami captioned the post. "You addressing me so I'm addressing YOU PERVERT A*S B***H YOU A F**KING CREEP!!!!!!! You ain't better than the next b***h weirdo!!!! LETS TALK ABOUT YOU, YOU SICK B***H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The nasty back-and-forth continued, with both entertainers brining up scandalous claims below.

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Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks' Beef

DJ Akademiks has been one of Yung Miami's biggest detractors. In December of 2022, he  dissed the rapper after Diddy announced he had a baby with another woman. Last May, Ak made headlines for telling Diddy to check Yung Miami during an argument. Ak has also recently gotten into it with Yung Miami's BFF Saucy Santana. Most recently, Ak trolled Yung Miami for being silent about Diddy's sexual abuse allegations from other women.

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See Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks' back-and-forth argument below.

See Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks Trade Shots After She Disses Him in New Song

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