Texas seems to have a nasty habit of abusing the handicap spots at the stores & restaurants. Recently we have seen people use the clearly marked handicapped spots & just park there, without taking into considering that they might be making it difficult for people who DO need them. Needless to say, it's extremely frustrating to see.

El Paso, Texas has seen its share of illegal parking in handicapped spots

Thanks to various people taking videos & sending them to FitFam, some citizens have been pointing out drivers who have been using these handicapped spots (and the lines leading up to the wheelchair ramps) & actually hindering people with disabilities or who are in wheelchairs. Like this motorcycle rider who stopped a little girl from getting to her car.

Back in February there was this separate incident involving a white Nissan in El Paso.

El Paso's not alone; other Texas cities that have had problems with illegally parking in handicapped spots

Cities like Houston & Austin have had big problems with handicap parking violators within the last 10 years.

What are the penalties are illegally parking in a handicapped spot?

It varies from city to city but the prices are STEEP; in El Paso for instance, you can face getting a fine up to $250. It's the same if you're blocking, or parking illegally. Other spots have a fine of $275.

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

Generally speaking, in the state of Texas, drivers are subject to paying a fine up to $1,250 & the possibility of community service.

If you DO need a handicap sticker for your car, you can apply for a handicap placard or a disabled veterans sticker on the Texas DMV website.

So next time you see an empty spot that has a handicapped sign, unless you CAN use it...don't. Because there are people that DO need them so don't be a jerk.

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