The New Mexico desert is full of history but it's also full of strange mysteries and no we're not talking about spotting UFOs either. If you travel to the small town of Taos, New Mexico, you'll find plenty of Native American history there. But there's a chance you might just find hear a weird hum that the people have called...the Taos Hum.

What exactly is Taos Hum in New Mexico?

Since the 1990s, a mysterious "hum" was discovered in the deserts of Taos, New Mexico. A scientist named Joe Mullins, a professor who taught engineering at the University of New Mexico, came across this noise. After conducting some research and asking people who lived in the area, he discovered that only about 2% of people were able to hear the noise.

They described the Taos hum as a faint diesel engine (like a truck or train engine), while others described it as a whir, a buzz or a hum. In summary, this noise is an extremely low frequency that only a handful of people can actually hear it for themselves. Some locals have even called this the "mountain song" (not to be confused with the Jane's Addiction song).

Some people put audio recordings of the strange noise they heard while in New Mexico and while some of it might be hard to hear, while people WERE able to hear something very strange in the videos. Take a listen to some for yourself.

NOTE: the sound can be heard by listening very closely so you might need to turn up the volume in some of the videos.

To this day, scientists are unable to exactly pinpoint what is causing this weird hum in the desert, but they have some theories on what it might be. The most common one is that the crust of the Earth is very thin around Taos so it's possible that Earth itself might be causing it.

It's very intriguing that even after 30 years, we still don't know WHAT this noise is or why it exists. So if you want to do some research yourself & try to find the Taos hum yourself, I'd recommend going with some recording equipment and a great set of ears to listen for yourself.

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