Killeen, Texas continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in not only the Lone Star State, but the whole United States. It feels like you see a grand opening sign out front of a restaurant or car wash about every other day.

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Even with the constant shine of the fancy new eateries popping up, sometimes you just can't beat the comforts of a family style restaurant, and for many that is exactly what they always return to the Hallmark Restaurant.

That is why so many are asking what is next after a fire earlier this week forced the Hallmark to close. According to this KCEN article, the fire started accidentally and quickly spread up the wall and into the attic before anyone noticed the smoke.

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When will they reopen?

Beloved Killeen, Texas Restaurant Now Closed After Fire

Hallmark is exactly the type of place my family really loves to visit because everyone in my family enjoys breakfast food, and a family style diner is where we feel most comfortable. For people like my retired parents, they also enjoy sitting in a calm environment among their friends delighting in a cup of coffee and casual conversation.

Texas is really thriving in the the 21st century, but we will always revere and admire our history. Keeping that history alive, and continuing the nostalgic feeling you can only experience in a place like Hallmark will be something that will keeping our eye on the repair progress.

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