In Texas, many look forward to the event filled with food and fun known as the State Fair of Texas. It brings many Texans and visitors to partake in what the state has to offer. Or, in retrospect at least, to see and take a photo with Big Tex!

The State Fair Of Texas of course has a long history that anybody can just sit back and learn about what the fair brought each year. But today, there's one thing that some in the state might not have expected. What is that you ask?

Well, nobody really expects superheroes to show up. Especially ones that have a previously mentioned cowboy help them!

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The X-Men Visit The State Fair Of Texas To Save The Day

Yes, you read that right, the X-Men did indeed show up to stop evil from ruining the day at the State Fair of Texas. The year was 1983, and Dallas Times Herald readers, according to the Dallas Morning News, received a comic regarding the superheroes coming to the event. Just look at this fantastic cover:

But as you can see, all is indeed not well at the State Fair. One of the group's main annoyances, Magneto, was there once again to cause issues and havoc. But according the plot summary, Big Tex himself helps save the day as well!

We think another superhero needs to visit the State Fair of Texas. Maybe this time, they just try some of the fair food instead of having to save the day though.

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