The day of love in Texas isn't always pleasant for many.

While there is always much to celebrate for couples in the Lone Star State, others have a real dislike for the day of love. There's many reasons for people not enjoying the day, so some try to ignore it, or do something else to avoid the day in question.

But, there's always an event for singles on Valentine's Day. Some are used to help find love, and others are held as a sort of "getting back" at somebody that's wronged them in the past. Perhaps an ex?

Well, for one zoo in Texas, some Exes may have felt an unpleasant odor on them. Why do you ask? Well one item was named after them that nobody wants to be.

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Dallas, Texas Zoo Names What After People's Exes?!?


Yes, The Fort Worth Zoo indeed named poop after exes on Valentine's Day. For the small sum of 10 dollars, Texans were able to name a pound of poop after a ex. You're not reading that wrong.

But, where did the money go to? Well it's simple, the cost of the donation helped goes towards helping keep the animal fed at the zoo! So it somewhat goes full circle doesn't it?

While it's not what some expected an as event, this isn't the only thing people could name for their exes on Valentine's Day. Texans could name cockroaches after their ex at the San Antonio Zoo as well.

Well, the day of love isn't for everybody all the time now is it?

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