There are so many cars in the state of Texas aren't there?

We mean, the population of the state is just so large right? With so many individuals, families, and visitors to the state, the Lone Star State roadways will be filled with many drivers and many cars.

Some of those drivers not using their blinker, but we digress. (Use your blinkers Texas!)

But there are always dangers when take the road in Texas. However, there's dangers when the car isn't moving either. Including if you decide to personalize your car.

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Bumper Sticker Can Do What For Criminals In Texas?

Sadly, it looks like bumper stickers are longer just something that Texans notice and laugh at. We've all seen those family bumper stickers right? Heck, they even have variations of them!

But it looks like those stickers could put you in the sights of people who wish to take advantage of that information. Yahoo reports that certain stickers, like the previously mentioned family sticker, or for example a "My child is an honor student" sticker could give thieves ideas.

Yahoo states that the stickers, or even a personalized plate, could make it easier for potential criminals to find your information online. Which stinks doesn't it?

We mean, some in Texas just want show off the pride they have in their family, or how their child is achieving in school! Can't we all just appreciate that instead of trying to harm one another?

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