It is no surprise to anyone that the Lone Star State has been suffering through a months long drought. People from well beyond the Killeen-Temple, Texas area are familiar with the reported conditions as places like Austin set a record for most 100 degree days in a single summer.

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Traditionally October has proven to be the second or third wettest month of the year for Texas with rainfall averaging almost 4 inches for the month. With an average of about 36 inches of rainfall per year, that small October spike would be most welcome for the region.

What can we expect weather wise in Central Texas for October?

If that prediction holds up, can you really call it a surprise? After 4 straight months of above average high temperatures, what is another really?

The good news is the KXAN prediction for average rainfall, and sitting just to the north and west is the prediction of above average rain. Since all water flows to the gulf and technically the equator, we will benefit greatly from above average rain falling upstream.

What will an average to above average rain fall for October mean to Central Texas?


Well, for me it means it is time to invest in a rain barrel, and get to work on undoing the massive scorching the Texas summer did to my landscaping. Lets just say that August in particularly was incredibly unfriendly to my St. Augustine grass.

The rest of the landscaping is probably excited for an extra couple of sips of the wet stuff as well.

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