Some of us in the state of Texas truly love going fast don't we?

I mean come on, we've all looked around while on the road at points, noticed no one was near us, and drove above the limit right? It's a little bit easier to speed when nobody else is watching of course. But, sometimes, there are others on the roadway while we're going a little bit faster than usual.

Which speeding could be rather dangerous if there are others on the roadways, and a driver is not paying attention. It could potentially cause an accident, harming the drivers or vehicles, as well as any passengers in the vehicles. So it's important to always be aware of how fast one is going on Texas roadways.

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To that extent, the Texas Department of Transportation has looked at certain highways in the state, and decided to make some Texans ease off the throttle while getting to other parts of the Lone Star State.

Speed Limits Going Down On Some Texas Freeways

According to 12News, TxDOT examines multiple factors on these roadways to make the decision to lower speed limits. The news organization reports that items such as crash history and traffic reports played as factors in the changes. Here's the reported freeway speed limits changing:

- Highway 347 (Twin City Highway) to Du Pont Road- 70 mph to 65 mph
- Highway 69 to Highway 73 (By the prisons all the way to Port Arthur)- 75 mph to 70 mph
- I10 from 9th street in Downtown Beaumont to Neches River- 65 mph to 55 mph
- Highway 90 (College St) from Wescalder to Dowlen Road- 50 mph to 45 mph
- I10 (Rose City) Old Hwy 90 to west Rose City- 75 mph to 70 mph
- Highway 87 between west Port Arthur and Sabine Pass- 65 mph to 55 mph

Remember to be safe out on those roadways Texas!

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