It's safe to admit, we all get lazy in the state of Texas.

We mean, not all of us can keep working at 100% all the time. It's not just possible for an individual to keep doing so after all. So we need to wind down at some point, mainly for our health.

So how does one lounge? There's many ways to do so, but you have to balance work and play. Otherwise one may take over the other, which isn't good to say the least.

Some cities in the state of Texas are definitely more on the fun side, and could lead to more lazy Texans. But one Lone Star town is truly the laziest in all of the state. But where is it?

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Texas Laziest Town Is None Other Than...

To find out the answer, we turn to 247Tempo. Using three main factors, Texas has it's most lazy city. What could it be?


Could it be Austin? After all the motto of the state is to keep it weird. Maybe somehow it's Dallas? Though that wouldn't make sense with the traffic we suppose.

No, as it turns out, Laredo is the number one most lazy city in the Lone Star State. Here are the facts that determined it:

- Adults who don’t exercise: 38.0% (Texas: 25.4%)
- Adults who are in poor or fair health: 27.4% (Texas: 15.7%)
- Adult obesity rate: 44.6% (Texas: 35.8%)

So Laredo, looks like it might be time to get up, stretch, and exercise a bit!

And The Top 10 Snobbiest Places in Texas Are...

Well, the folks at Road Snacks think they've figured it out. Again, they've claimed to figure out which cities are the snobbiest in The Lone Star State, not me.

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