Texas nature, there's nothing like it is there? For me personally, I got to experience my first ever bluebonnet season recently, and it just brought about feelings that I've never had before. It was just so pretty, and there were so many of them!

But there's more to nature than just flowers, there are animals that inhabit the places we live around. With changing temperatures, comes many moving animals from one place to another.

This is no different in the Lone Star State. But one creature is currently roaming the state, and let's just say myself and many other Texans will have chills if they come across this critter in the wild.

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What animal are we talking about? None other than the spider known as the Tarantula.

Tarantulas?!? In Texas?!?

Yes, this is indeed a real thing that happens here in our big state. Which obviously, isn't scary at all right? There's no reason to fear it right?

Well...about that...just take a look at this video taken a while back:

WHY IS IT SO BIG? I feel just like the lady in the background of the video, scared but repeating the phrase "I love Texas!" But there's a reason for them walking around our state.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, it is mating season for the Tarantula. The influx of arachnids began in May, and yes, it will continue until July. But the spider can also been seen throughout the areas of Central Texas until...October?!?

Well folks, it's a good thing I work indoors, I don't want to mess with a Tarantula while either it's walking by or trying to mate!

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