Looking around the Lone Star State reveals many things we may not know about it. You might see a new type of plant, or even something unexpected. One thing is for sure, we've all see birds flying around in Texas.

Many of our flighted friends take to the sky to travel across our great state, and they're fun to simply watch on a sunny day. Unless they decide to...*ahem* relieve themselves on our vehicles. But one question may pop into your head while birdwatching in Texas.

Is anywhere in the State of Texas the best area to watch birds fly around? Well, data shows that one city in this great state certainly has a advantage over others.

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Birds Flock In This One Texas City

According to Lawn Love, Houston has found itself in an airspace like other cities in the state: sitting upon a perch in the top five for best birdwatching in the nation. But how did the "Space City" itself get that position?

The four factors are as follows:

- Access
- Bird Variety
- Popularity
- Conservation

So with a combined ranking of 51st in access, 49th in bird variety, a staggering 4th in popularity, and finally 8th in conversation...drum roll please:

Houston sits at number three in the nation for birdwatchers everywhere! Honestly, I'm not sure how the city landed so high in the list, the data makes it seem like the city should be a little bit lower, but I was never really good at math honestly.

So it looks like a trip in Houston is in the cards for birdwatchers in the state!

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