It's always sad when we have to say goodbye to someone when they pass away. There's always that one thing that we wish could say one more time to them. But, thankfully, memories exist of time spent with them.

Many have always wondered if there was a way for an individual to stay with us forever. The ever growing part of lives known as technology has suddenly presented an opportunity that many only dreamed of. What is this potential that we're discussing?

The possibility of a loved one being still with us in AI form.

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Texans In AI Form? How Is This Possible?

This tweet posted a few days ago may raise a few eyebrows:

So that's...rather interesting. There could be AI replicas of the people we love near the of 2023? Truly, the future we were shown in some movies could be coming sooner rather than later.

But this hasn't resonated well with some individuals:

So when would this be adopted in Texas at all? As it turns out, one group of people are working on AI helping others in the state.

The Texas Department Of Information Resources And AI

According to the Texas DIR, there is an organization that is helping with adoption of AI technology, the Texas Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. However, it isn't stated that they're working on it, at the time of writing.

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This is Where AI Thinks You Should Retire in Texas

If you’re thinking about where to retire in the Lone Star State, stop. We have computers to do our thinking now. 

Okay, I’m kidding, but when I asked artificially intelligent bot brain ChatGPT for the best places to retire in Texas, these are the answers it spit out, along with this disclaimer: “Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there may be other great places to retire in Texas that are not included here. It is always best to research and visit the place before making a decision.

Good advice, but let’s look at the top places it recommended and decide for ourselves, shall we? Some look like winners, but some have us wondering if the computer is short-circuiting.

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