A possible new rule in the Dallas Independent School District's Code of Conduct could affect parents as well as students. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

New Rule Set To Be Voted On By Dallas ISD Board Of Trustees

Per KHOU 11, Dallas ISD could be seeking changes to punishments in their schools that involve the parents of the student who is found to be misbehaving. As revealed by a document from Dallas ISD explaining the possible change, in addition to the student receiving disciplinary action, parents could also face consequences.

The child would take a six hour "Saturday School," while the parents of the child would be required to take a three hour course that covers the following items listed, per the document:

- Academic and behavioral progress
- Meaningful parental involvement and campus resources to promote positive student outcomes
- Mental Health Support / School Counselor involvement
- Review student’s academic and behavioral progress
- Support and guidance for area(s) of student concern

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Some Voicing Support For The Change


A previous DISD trustee, Miguel Solis, expressed his approval of the pending rule:

"Figuring out a way to have better communication with those other stakeholders and working with them to try to make sure a kid gets support not just when they’re in school, but when they’re back home I think is a brilliant move."

However, the Alliance-AFT, who stands for teachers in DISD, is worried about the money needed for this change to occur. The president of the organization, Rena Honea stated:

"We need more counselors, social workers and psychologists to help implement a policy change like this...Does the district have the budget for these policy changes?"

Later in June, the policy will be voted on by the board of trustees for DISD. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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