Recalls of items are always a little bit scary, especially in a big state such as Texas.

All of us buy various products every day to fulfill various needs. Items such as clothes and healthcare items. One of the most important items of course is food.

We all need food to eat during the day, and we all have our favorites. But there's various foods needed to help with health needs, especially for little Texans to grow. However, a rescinding of a product should gain the attention of residents in the state.

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Brands such as WanaBana, Schnucks and Weis have had their applesauce pulled from shelves due to a major factor.

Here's What You Need To Know About The Recall Of Products

According to USA TODAY, the FDA issued the retraction of the previously mentioned brands after it was found they high levels of lead in the applesauce. Spectrum News also reports that The Texas Department of State Health Services has also put out a health advisory. At the time of writing, two Texas children were found to have high levels of lead in their blood, with it potentially being linked to the applesauce.

The FDA is also, at the time of this article, working to remove the products affected off of many retailers, such as Amazon and Dollar Tree, as mentioned by Spectrum News.

If you believe you have purchased the brand of applesauce mentioned, do not feed it to your child. Symptoms and further items regarding lead poisoning can be found here.

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