A family went viral for the touching act they did for their grandparents during this holiday season.

In a clip posted by the user @emilysindoni, she and her ten adult cousins surprise their grandparents and showed up one by one for a sleepover. Once the TikTok user enters the door, the grandpa is shocked, but very excited.

"My favorite people in the world," he says.

Slowly more people show up and one person even brought pizza. After everyone settled in, they opened gifts and played cards. The whole time this was going on the grandparents appeared so excited and in disbelief that the family was there.

People in the comments section applauded the family and shared their thoughts on the sleepover.

"Papa taking pictures! They’re so happy to see you guys," one person noticed.

"She def went to bed that night saying she had the best time ever," another person commented.

"Money can never buy this type of happiness!" shared someone else.

"You can see grandma’s heart fill up over the course of this video," read another comment.

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After going viral, Emily, who posted the video, spoke to CBS about the sleepover.

"We always spent Christmas Eves together in our pajamas, tracking Santa, when he was getting there, all those kinds of things growing up. They made us have so much fun when we were younger. Which is why we had to return it," she told the news outlet.

"It was unbelievable. I don't need another Christmas present the rest of my life. They could never top it," Emily's grandmother, Pat, told CBS.

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