A woman on Reddit has banned her sister-in-law from visiting because she refuses to call the woman's twin 6-year-old daughters, Amy and Nina, by their individual names.

"My husband’s youngest sister Jane ... shows up regularly at family gatherings and rebuilds relationships with her family members. The only thing she never bothers to do is address my daughters by their names," the woman began.

"Amy and Nina are identical twins. I understand when people refer to them as 'the twins' but I think it is important that their individuality is respected. I always tell family and friends that now that they are 6 years old it is important for them to have their own identity and if possible please treat them as individuals rather than a pair or a unit. My girls have different interests and hair/dressing styles so it is not hard to tell them apart," she continued her post.

However, "Jane always insists on calling the girls 'the twins' and makes no effort to distinguish them."

"I asked her many times to treat them as individuals, like her other nieces and nephews, and Jane would say 'OK' and then keep doing the same thing," she added.

Last Christmas, Amy and Nina made their own individual gifts for their family members — paper cranes and flower pictures, respectively — and even though they "signed their names and individually handed the gifts to everyone," Jane told her fiancé about the gifts, "'Oh, one of the twins gave it to me for Christmas. The other twin drew some flowers.'"

"I felt that this was a disrespect as my girls put a lot of effort into the gifts and deserve to have their private dedication recognized. When everyone left, I told Jane I expected her to call my girls Amy and Nina from now on and to treat them like individuals and know their differences. Jane said that she won’t bother as my girls are too young. So I told her she is banned from my house until she learns how to address my girls by their names. Jane just stomped off. My husband agreed with me on this," the frustrated mom concluded.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the mom's request for autonomy for her twin daughters.

"As the mother of identical twin girls (who are now adults), I was very intentional about clearly treating them as individuals while still enjoying the uniqueness of being twins. Creating an environment where they are treated as two separate humans, not a unit, is incredibly important. They have commented more than once how much they appreciated this growing up. Stick to your guns on this," one user advised.

"It sucks to be identified as only a relationship with another party vs. your own unique identity. This is their family ... you do not dress them alike. I'm assuming their hair is cut differently given you referenced it. It sounds like they do not present themselves as twins so it's pretty darn rude and ballsy of Jane to think glossing over their names and only identifying them as 'the twins' is okay. This is your home and you are within your right to do this," another shared.

"Your girls deserve to be individuals and not have their identities smushed into a collective single. She is dehumanizing your babies by doing this," someone else commented.

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