If your parents were like mine, you were probably told a few things about driving when you were younger. Of course as you got older they would give you tips and lessons on how to drive, but when you were younger some of the very first lessons about the car or truck came in the form of things you can't do.

For example, how many of you had a parent freak out about the dome light being turned on while they were driving?

This has been one of my favorites that I heard not only from my dad but I heard it from my grandparents as well.

Think back to when you were younger and you needed a light to see something in the backseat or maybe your mom dropped something and needed a quick light to help see whatever she dropped. The dome light comes on and you hear, "What are you doing I can't see anything!" or "What are you doing? It's illegal to have the dome light on".

I've heard it, and I'm pretty sure you've heard it as well. But is it true? At least the legal part of the argument?

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Is It Illegal To Drive With Your Dome Light or Any Other Light On Inside The Vehicle in Texas?

The short answer here is, no. It's not illegal to drive with your dome light on in Texas. In fact, the flashlight on your phone can be on while driving and that isn't illegal.

Now, in 2019 KHOU did interview Texas DPS who said there are safer alternatives, like pulling over in a well lit area.

Can Driving With The Dome Light On Be Distracting?

According to Texas DPS, yes it can depending on length of time and if the driver is looking for something or if their visibility has been reduced. This won't exactly lead to anyone being pulled over, but it could be dangerous.

So maybe your dad was right about that one. Though I haven't come across any dome light that puts out enough light to blind me.

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