Gift Cards Are The Simplest And Easiest Gift To Give During The Holidays But There's A New Scam Making Its Way To Texas You Need To Know About.

Thinking about buying a gift card for that special someone this holiday season? Well you need to be EXTRA Careful this holiday season because that gift card on the display at the store could be worthless to you but worth a lot to scammers.

A California Police Department Took To Social Media To Share The Details About How The Scam Works.

The Pinole California Police Department is warning the community about a growing gift card scam circulating on social media and their warning is being spread all across the country.

The scammers will steal a bunch of unpurchased gift cards from a store. Then once at home, they heat up the envelopes that contains the card to where they can open them as carefully as they can, remove the card and actually cut the top of the card off

They then reseal the envelope with the cut off card inside and return them to the store. Then, they just wait for you to load your money onto the card and use it with the code they stole. Police report one person has already fell victim to this scam.

How Can I Not Get Got?

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Police are advising shoppers who plan on buying gift cards to remove those gift card envelopes at check out to double check before buying to make sure you're not getting one that's cut off.

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