You're all alone at home in Dallas, Texas watching a horror movie or maybe you're at the movies with your friends in Houston, Texas watching the the latest slasher flick, and after the movie has you good and scared, it's over.  Your adrenaline is wearing off and you just kind of forget about it. However, you don't realize that the images of the main house of that movie are ingrained into your psyche.

It's not until you see something strange and erie that brings back the feeling of watching that horror movie. It's a weird sensation. One that a few women got when they drove up on the Airbnb they rented in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The 1890s German limestone farmhouse sits all alone on five acres of land outside of the historic German heritage town of Fredericksburg which is to the north of San Antonio and west of Austin, and rented out for $329 a night.

It's a good sized place made up of three bedrooms with 8 beds, and 2 baths. The house didn't make a good first impression thanks to the limestone's weathered appearance along with a weird door knocker at the front door that features a hand that you lift and release for it to make a knocking sound.

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First impressions are everything for an Airbnb rental

The outside of the home has a lot to be desired and kind of leaves you with this feeling that you're going to be trapped inside and no one will ever see you again. If that's the case, don't worry because the accommodations on the inside are unique and comfortable, so you'll feel at home - forever!

The reviews from one TikTok'er who drove up and stayed at this property will have you rolling on the floor with their review.

@jenngstyle Straight out of a horror movie. #fredericksburg #VRBO #hauntedhouse #scaryhouse #basement ♬ original sound - JennGStyle

Reviews of the limestone farmhouse read something like this:

Susan - "The house is extraordinary, be prepared to be wowed!!"
Leslie - "Bring your telescope so you can enjoy the lovely Texas sky."
Jason - "No curtains on any bedroom windows, so unless you want to wake up at first light bring a sleep mask."
Jimmie - "I will note that renters should understand what kinda home they’re renting: it’s a legit 1890s farmhouse with some quirks."
Shana - "Word to the wise, don’t start exchanging ghost stories or scary tales because the quiet will start to scare you! ;-) we loved our weekend here and would definitely return."

Unfortunately, the listing is no longer available on Airbnb, but here's what it looked like on the outside and inside too.

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