Texans love Bucc-ee's, and it appears that Bucc-ee's loves us right back. Especially if "love" is being there for you when you need it most.



Bucc-ee's certainly did that for Texans and travelers during a recent tornado touchdown in Temple, Texas. In addition to forming a terrifying tornado, the storm brought hail and high winds and caused significant damage to structures and vehicles.

Here's some pretty frightening/ fascinating drone footage of the tornado:

While the storm raged on and did all that damage, Bucc-ee's sheltered Texans who would have otherwise been unsafely stuck in their cars. You can see a photo of folks huddled near Bucc-ee's famously sparkling clean bathrooms here.

According to folks who spoke with MySa, the power at Bucc-ee's went out briefly, "several times" but employees helped keep the crowd calm and at ease. Meanwhile, the building was pelted with marble-sized hail. Luckily, the store did not sustain any significant damage and has since been providing needed supplies to folks in Temple after the fallout from the storm.

Every person I know that grew up in Texas has had the same nightmare- of a tornado passing nearby, or ripping through their home. It's a terrifying ordeal to experience firsthand.

We've all been told, but still it's important to remember, that you must heed the warning to take shelter during a potential tornado very seriously. That is why I recommend listening to any terrestrial radio channel or watching any local weather report during a storm. That way you'll be warned as quickly as possible to get to safety. And if you're near a Bucc-ee's you can rest assured you'll be taken care of there.

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