Going into an old Texas diner or cafe can almost feel like putting on an old comfortable pair of jeans. You know what to expect and it’s always reliable. Sure, there might be newer or fancier places to eat but there is something to be said about consistency. Which is why Cafe Texan in Huntsville, Texas is still around today even after making some big changes. 

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According to an article by ABC 13, Cafe Texan had been serving up some of the best chicken fried steak and sides of mashed potatoes and gravy. But like so many businesses in 2020 Cafe Texan had to shut down due to the pandemic. But there is one person who stepped up to make sure that Cafe Texan didn’t close for good. 

Big Changes at Cafe Texan in Huntsville, Texas 

The cafe was bought by former Huntsville Council member and Mayor Pro Tem, Vance Howard. But he is bringing back the familiar restaurant with a twist as there will also be a museum as part of the building space. But there is another cool aspect that Howard changed about the business. 

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Cafe Texan is Now Non-Profit 

What that means is that after paying all the bills and employee wages, the profit made from the cafe will go toward local and state charities. It’s amazing to hear about people that are willing to give away their profits to benefit others. 

So, the next time you pass through Huntsville, Texas you should make sure you stop in and grab a bite to eat at Cafe Texan.  

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