This story is trending everywhere including Texas!  A married substitute teacher has been arrested after she was caught undressed with a teen student.  The Douglas County Sheriff's in Nebraska received a call about a 'suspicious' vehicle parked at a dead-end in a neighborhood.  When authorities arrived they found 45-year-old Erin Ward and a 17-year-old boy undressed in the back seat.  Erin was a substitute teacher at Burke High School and other schools in the district.

According to a news report from KXII, the teen jumped in the driver’s seat and attempted to flee and crashed.  The teen then fled the scene without any clothes on.  He was found a short time later wearing a T-shirt and underwear. The car belonged to the married substitute teacher and her spouse. The charge was one count of felony sexual abuse by a school employee.

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Talk to the school directly or you can file a formal complaint with the TEA! The complaint must be in writing and signed and include the facts or documentation on which the allegation is based. Click here to get more information.

File complaints against a school district or charter school with TEA for:

  • Conditions at a school district or charter school that present a danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the students
  • Violations of state assessment instrument security procedures
  • Falsifications, fraudulent misrepresentations, or manipulations of information, including manipulations of records, reports, data, forms, statements of assurances, or certifications submitted to TEA through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS)
  • Educator misconduct

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