This isn't Grayson Rodriguez's first appearance in the Majors. But, it is the first time he's made the Oriole's starting rotation to begin the season. Saturday afternoon at Camden Yards in Baltimore, it was time for the Central Heights Blue Devil to get his first start of the season.

I think it's safe to say that Grayson was in command from the first pitch of the game.

Grayson's Dominating Performance

The former first-round draft choice was stellar. He pitched six innings and tied a career-high with 9 strikeouts. Rodriguez allowed 1 run on four hits and issued one walk. Baltimore won the game 13-4.

Grayson had his full arsenal of pitches working. His two-seamer fastball, table-drop curve, and change-up were all causing Angel batters to come up empty.

Why Pull Him After 6 Innings?

Rodriguez was dominating through six innings pitched. He had struck out nine and the Orioles were up 3-1. So, why pull him?

It was the right decision. First, he had thrown 84 pitches and it was his first start of the season. No need to push the envelope just yet. Plus, Baltimore would score 9 runs in the bottom of the sixth, giving them a 12-1 lead.

Scoring 9 runs is great when it comes to padding the lead, but, it also put Rodriguez on the bench for an extended period of time. Baltimore had the game well in hand and there was no need to risk injury to Grayson.

After all, there are still 160 games to go.

It's Early, But Baltimore is Looking Great

The Orioles made the playoffs last year before falling to the eventual World Series Champs, Texas Rangers.

Baltimore defeated L.A. in Thursday's opener 11-3, and after today's 9-run victory, the Orioles are making a loud opening statement in their quest to take it all this year.

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