Yep, we've done it again. For 19 years in a row, Texas has been given the prestigious title of "Top Business Climate in America". What exactly does that mean? The Lone Star State has been recognized by Site Selection magazine for attracting the most business relocation and expansion projects in the nation, winning the Governor’s Cup for the 11th year in a row.

Wait, the headline says "19 Years in a Row" meaning that there were several times when Texas came in a very close second in the earlier years. Nonetheless, I have always said that Texas is the best state to start and maintain a business.

Interestingly, Texas emerged as the top choice, with North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee following closely behind. In addition, participants were asked to highlight the factors they prioritize when selecting locations. This year, the top priority is the ease of getting the necessary permits for building and starting a business, closely followed by the availability of the needed workforce not just for manual labor, but those that have the professional skills needed, land availability, necessary utilities, and the most important part is the overall quality of life.

All that stated, it sounds like the Lone Star State is the perfect place to start a business and an even more perfect place to find a job. It is no surprise that earlier this year Texas was ranked as the number-one state in the country for creating more jobs and job recruitment.

In March, Governor Abbott accepted Selection Magazine’s Governor’s Cup for a record-shattering 11th consecutive win for Texas as the nation’s top-performing state for job-creating business relocations and expansions. Governor Abbott also celebrated being named the Best State for Business in April by the nation's leading CEOs for a record-shattering 19th straight year.
Source:Site Selection magazine

So if you are looking for a job Texas is the place to find one. Furthermore, I believe that the Lone Star State will still stand tall as one of the Top Five Business Climates in the world, and that ranking will be made available in early 2024.

All I've got to say to my fellow Texans is, "Go Texas, and let's keep working to better the future of the Lone Star State." Finally, and most importantly in my book, the business climate here in Texas is incredibly perfect for raising a family.

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Photo by: Site Selection
Photo by: Site Selection

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