Are you friends with your neighbors? Do you know who your neighbors are? If you need help, could you turn to your neighbors? Here are some neighborhoods that have earned the designation of "Friendliest Neighborhoods in Texas", according to the New Zillow Study.

If you ask me, I think most neighbors like to keep to themselves, but I make it a point to find out who my neighbors are and learn how I can help them. I believe that when you have a friendly neighborhood your house has more value.

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So when my wife and I decide to retire, where would we go? I just discovered a neighborhood that we would love to move to. I'll tell you about it in a bit, but here are some of the factors that comprise a "friendly" neighborhood: safety, diversity, pedestrian and bike-friendly paths, good housing, and neighbors helping neighbors.

After living in our current home for the last 32 years, we've come to know and love our neighbors. When the home next door was on the market, someone was viewing the home and came to my front door asking if I could tell them a little bit about the neighborhood, and I did. They bought the house and we are neighbors now.

When they went to the hospital to have their first child, I mowed and trimmed their yard for them as they were busy tending to their baby. A neighbor did that for me years ago, so we return the favor per se.

The "Friendliest Neighborhoods in Texas" according to the New Study Using Zillow:

  1. With an 18% review, Houston's Kingwood neighborhood
  2. With a 15% review, Dallas' South Boulevard Park Row (historic) neighborhood
  3. With a 14% review, Fort Worth's South Hills neighborhood
  4. With a 13% review, San Antonio's Dominion neighborhood
  5. With a 12% review, Austin's Jollyville neighborhood
  6. With an 11% review, El Paso's Northwest neighborhood

When my wife Donna and I retire, we would love to move to a scenic and extremely friendly neighborhood near the area known as Coronado's Camp between San Angelo and Abilene. How does your neighborhood rate?

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