I would like to say that I am an expert at this, but it wouldn't be true. What I do know is that after being married for over 38 years and tending to both my mom and wife, I've learned a little something about their favorite places to dine.

First off, let me settle the never-ending discussion (arguments) that take place nearly every time we get in the car and try to decide where to eat. I always ask, "Can you guess where I'm taking you to dinner?" The first place wife mentions is exactly where we go. Problem (argument) solved!

When my mother was alive, I did the same thing and learned very quickly what her favorite restaurants were. Whether it was my mother or my wife, they both fell into the same category - "Where oh where shall we dine tonight?"

These are my Fearless Fave Five places to take your mother and my children's mother on Mother's Day. Keep in mind that all these places are going to be crowded so you may want to call ahead and reserve a place for your God-given angels.

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#1 - Golden Corral has always been my mother's go-to spot whether she was having a bad day or a great day. The "GC", as I call it, always had something for everyone. My mom's favorite part of the buffet was their dessert bar. While they don't take reservations they can arrange for large parties. Located at 4357 S. Danville, call (325) 692-4592.

#2 - Red Lobster is my wife's favorite place to dine because of the delicious lobster and all their other shelled fish delicacies. My wife would eat lobster tails for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, you get the idea. From experience, you'll need to make reservations. Located at 1280 S. Clack, call (325) 695-1191.

#3 - Cracker Barrel is, was, and always will be a favorite for the ladies in the Fernandez family, and the gift shop may have something to do with it. Besides shopping before dinner, CB has some delish dishes from breakfast to supper. And yes, you will need to reserve. Located at 1602 TX-Highway 351, call (325) 672-02804.

#4 - The Ol' South Pancake House is actually in Fort Worth. It's been a family favorite for decades. Several years ago I loaded up the car and drove to the Pancake House in Fort Worth. My wife still says to this day, "I loved it and it's a Mother's Day to remember." You won't need reservations but you may have to wait. Located at 1509 S University Dr in Fort Worth, call (817) 336-0311.

#5 Little Italy brings us back to Abilene. When the ladies of Casa Fernandez started craving pasta, my momma and my wife said, "Mr. Luigi got his mother's recipes down to an art." Mom also loved the after-dinner treat called cannoli. My wife adores the relaxing atmosphere. Reservations will be required. Located at 1417 S. Danville Dr, call (325) 692-8117.

There are certainly many other restaurants right here in West Texas and throughout the Lone Star State that catch the attention of moms and wives alike. This Mother's Day make it one to remember.

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