Congratulations are in order for the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas. It was announced today stating a female Masai giraffe made her debut into the world last Friday at 5 AM she is 6 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs 156 pounds not to mention she is so adorable. The Cameron Park Zoo says the birth of this calf is important to her species, as the Masai giraffes are currently in danger, and she is the second calf born at Cameron Park Zoo.

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Cameron Park Zoo

This young baby giraffe's mother is Penelope who was born in May 2013 and came to the Cameron park zoo all the way from the San Diego Zoo. The baby giraffe's father Dane, was born in 2013 and came from the Santa Barbara Zoo as you can probably tell in this article I haven’t really mentioned the young baby calf's name, that’s because according to KXVV, Cameron Park, zoological and botanical Society is holding a naming contest for the new calf starting Tuesday going through July 9.


Courtesy of Sheri Hemrick, Cameron Park Zoo
Courtesy of Sheri Hemrick, Cameron Park Zoo


To become a participant you would need to pay five dollars per vote to help choose the name. The options are Kalani, Kira, Zuri, and Adelaide. In my opinion, we’re looking at Zuri, she is so adorable and so cute and it looks like it just fits her name. For more information about the Cameron Park Zoo in the Zoological& Botanical Society just click here to help us vote for baby girl's name.

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