Parenthood is the most underpaid job in the world. From the second a baby is born, a minimum 18-year contract with the likelihood of renewal is applied to our guardians. No matter how much money we give back to them or how many vacations we take them on, nothing can fully show how appreciative we are for the people who raised us, whether it’s through a blood or soul connection.

As we all grow older, we’re in a constant state of reflection, looking back at the vital experiences and words of wisdom that shaped who we are today. In rap, mothers of course get their rightful nod for their unwavering support. But as do fathers, often coming in the form of quick, life-changing advice that rappers constantly bring up on their songs.

On Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas,” he looks back at the time his dad, Dennis Graham, told him to sing and rap, suggesting that the 6 God could be successful doing both. Juice Wrld’s “Robbery” recalls the moment where Juice’s father, who passed away last year, told him to protect his insecurities when it comes to women. On “Crack Baby,” Ice Cube appreciates the go-getter mentality instilled by his begetter. And Denzel Curry raps about how his pop stressed treating women with respect and trusting wisely, mentioned on the chorus of “Ricky.”

There’s a janitor ring of keys that everyone's genitor has dropped off over the years. So to celebrate Father’s Day (June 21), XXL spotlights some unforgettable advice that rappers took from their old men. Trust and believe, it’s always appreciated.

See Unforgettable Words of Advice That Rappers Took From Their Fathers

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