As I was preparing for the show today, I couldn't help but notice someone sharing an online petition calling for a "boycott" of the NFL over the league's allowance of players to protest during the national anthem. I have essentially 2 thoughts about this:


2. You are not about that life.

Here's the thing, over the years, high profile players have been arrested for a laundry list of crimes including domestic violence and guns and fans sat in complete SILENCE over these transgressions. But suddenly, when players do something PEACEFUL over several issues that are REAL in America, because you're uncomfortable, you demand action? So basically, criminal behavior, especially crimes against women, are acceptable, but free speech you don't agree with, now you have a problem. Nothing encapsulates this inconsistent thought process like the story of Darren Sharper.

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Darren Sharper was one of my favorite players and was key in bringing the New Orleans Saints its first championship in 2009. In the years following that win, he plead guilty to drugging and raping up to 16 women in 4 states before being sentenced to 18 years in prison according The Chicago Tribune. But, this week, it was announced that he's a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A CONVICTED RAPIST. Ben Rothlisberger, Ray Rice, Riley Cooper and even a kicker, Josh Brown whose wife told police that he had been violent with her over TWENTY TIMES, only received a 1 game suspension according to Pro Football Talk, but you won't boycott your beloved Sunday traditions and fantasy teams for that now will you?  So basically, you're okay with players committing much more heinous and violent acts than "taking a knee" during the national anthem?

Let's also look at the fact that players didn't even STAND for the anthem until 2009 when the Department of Defense PAID the NFL for "salutes" to the military according to NBC News. So you're really upset with players refusing to acknowledge a "commercial" from the Department of Defense. So go ahead, boycott America's passion (you won't) for players doing something that is totally "American" but  boo the duly elected commander in chief of the Armed Forces which is totally "Un-American".

While I let that thought swirl around in your head, I'll leave my final thoughts to former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura who shares his viewpoint perfectly and puts this whole debate in its proper perspective.