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One of the things I can't stand about social media these days is an open disdain for facts and science. Why believe actually EXPERTS and DOCTORS who've been educated in their field when you can believe some random "woke" person on the internet? Millions use platforms like Facebook to spread their ignorance and soon their ignorance infects MILLIONS. We've seen this with "Flat Earthers", Climate Change deniers and others.

Now you have groups of people on Facebook believing that drinking your own URINE is healthy for you! They call it "Urine Therapy" and these folks believe that drinking, washing your feet or in some cases using urine as mouthwash or even eye drops can cure diseases, heal your body and give you more energy. I'm not joking folks, you can take a look for yourself HERE and HERE.

According to The Philly Voice, there’s no real scientific evidence to support the practice, which exists today as a hybrid of Indian folk remedies and pseudo-science promoted by John W. Armstrong. In fact, doctors say that drinking your own pee is BAD for you because it puts stress on your kidneys because you're forcing it to process TOXINS AGAIN.

So right now, there are thousands of people walking around reeking of urine and they are proud of it because they think they are living their best life. Yuck.

For believing in random "fake woke" people and disregarding science, urine therapy members, you get this week's #Hell2DaNawNaw Award, but please stay where you are, I'll mail it to you. Can't have yall stinking up my space with your smell.


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