Did you know that there was GLOBAL shortage on Helium? This shortage is causing ripple effects unseen before including one of the nation's largest party supply stores being forced to close stores because of it.

According to WFAA, Party City announced that due to this shortage on helium they will be closing 45 store locations this year. The party supplies company did not reveal which of its approximately 870 stores will be cut but said the closures will take place throughout the year.

The company's CEO went on to said that the global helium shortage has deflated balloon sales but he went on to say that the company was working to line up a new supplier for helium and is finalizing contract details that would give its stores more helium starting this summer.

Party City has 2 Central Texas locations including one in Temple and another in Killeen. We contacted the Temple location and an employee there told us that they did not receive any word on them closing but did admit that helium shipments to their location have gone down since they opened in February.

We also contacted the Killeen location but no one could be reached for a comment at the time of this article.

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