June 20th 1988 is a day to be remembered in music history. Its the day that two warring factions went to war to prove which was better and the only winners in that battle was US, the FANS!

It was on that day that New Edition and former member gone solo Bobby Brown dropped their now classic and game changing albums Heartbreak and Don't Be Cruel. Both albums would reach mulit-platinum status and changed the face of R&B music forever. In honor of that momentous day, we asked YOU, our awesome MyKiss1031 listeners to tell us which one of these albums were better in your opinion. There's no "right or wrong" answer but we love some of your answers but in all honesty, its really toss up like this Instagram comment we received from coach_not_smitty:

IG comment
  • Heartbreak

    Team New Edition came out early to represent for their side as they plastered our comments with their love for Heartbreak.

  • Angela Holmes

    Angela made a great point about "Don't Be Cruel" being Bobby's best album but she still rolls with Heartbreak.

  • Dont Be Cruel

    Duke always blesses us with his knowledge about music and he's rocking with Don't Be Cruel.

  • Brenton McClanahan

    But at the end of the day, we're all pretty much like Brenton. Both of these albums are amazing to this day and its really hard to choose, why not BOTH!


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